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              Jiangsu Dipu Technology Co., Ltd.
              This product can be used in dyeing cotton textiles, linen, viscose and cotton blended textiles
              This product is mainly used in manufacturing sulfur dyestuff, 2,4-Dinitroaniline, dinitrophenol, picric acid, etc. Moreover, it can also be used as raw material for other dyestuffs, pesticides and drugs. It is packed by 300kg iron drum.

              Add: (Chemical Industrial Park) (Duigougang Town, Guannan County, Lianyungang City, Jiangsu, China 
              E-mail: sales@jsdipu.com

              ABOUT US

              Jiangsu Dipu Technology Co., Ltd.——to lead the industrial reform by technological innovation


              Jiangsu Dipu Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise in Lianyungang city, and it is situated in Lianyungang chemical industrial park in the provincial chemical industrial park of Jiangsu province. The company mainly specializes in producing and marketing basic fine chemical products, and it has engaged in the R&D and promotion of green, safety and environmental protection, and technique of cleaner production since it was established. Our products are widely used in pharmaceutical, pesticide, military industry, dyestuff and other fields, 3 products have become national or industrial standard. The company has two invention patents and two utility model patents.

              The company has obtained several honors: "Advanced Unit for Circular Economy", "Advanced Unit for Safety Production", "President Unit of Guannan Safety Production Management Association", "Observing Contract and Valuing Credit Unit of Guannan County". In 2012, the company won the second prize for "ministerial level scientific and technological progress" of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association; it was rated as "Key Supporting Technology for Environmental Protection and Cleaner Production in Petroleum and Chemical Industry". The company got the "Energy Saving and Industrial Circular Economy Project" and won the award of Jiangsu Economic and Information Committee. In 2013, the company was evaluated as "Small and Medium-sized Technology-based Enterprise of Jiangsu Province". 

              The company takes green and environmental production, intrinsic safety, and technique of cyclic utilization as starting point of research, and it reforms the traditional technology by integrating foreign cooperation and independent innovation. At present, the company has two invention patents and two utility model patents.